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The 10 best things to buy right now

Looking to score big bargains on popular items? Now is the time to buy these 10 products.

Getting on a plane? Here are your passenger rights.

It may seem like airlines hold all the cards, but you do have rights when it comes to reimbursement for flight delays, seat changes and lost baggage.

Everything you wanted to know about student loans but were afraid to ask

Here's what you need to know about paying off your college debt — or applying for more loans to go to graduate school.

Self-made millionaires follow this super-simple money rule

Don't fall into the "lifestyle creep" trap, warns best-selling author Thomas Corley.

You don't have to be rich to own a home in these 7 cities

Even as income inequality is on the rise, housing inequality — the gap between how likely it is for low and high-income groups to own homes — appears to be shrinking.
Aug. 4, 2017

You can work at NASA

This is how much you'd spend to avoid a headache

Economists crunched the numbers to come up with an actual dollar amount that Americans would pay to get rid of pain.

Here's how many hours you should work to be the most successful

Americans are putting in longer hours — but that can backfire.

These opportunities seem too good to be true — but they aren’t

There are ordinary opportunities — and then there are extraordinary opportunities. It's up to you to take advantage of them.

Should you ditch your home for an RV?

If you love to travel — and hate paying high rent — owning a recreational vehicle may give you the freedom you crave.
Aug. 9, 2017

These 3 weird psychological tricks could help you save money, according to science

Your financial choices might be affected by unconscious factors, from how much you need to use the bathroom to the brightness of the space you are in.

Housing hacks to save money and make smart choices

Is it better to rent or buy a home? How do you get a great deal on a rental apartment — or otherwise save money on housing? Here's how to make the best choices possible.

About 90% of U.S. House members don’t pay their interns

Only about 10% of GOP House members and 4% of Democrat House members regularly offer paid internships, with a salary or stipend to cover living expenses.

9 companies that offer part-time jobs with health insurance

These 9 employers offer health insurance to part-time workers and provide decent pay.

How to get richer by playing video games

Yes, you can actually earn good money just by playing your favorite video games. These four methods can make you a ton of cash.
Aug. 4, 2017

The 5 sneakiest new scams to watch out for right now

Fraud, ID theft and summer scams abound — and are hard to spot. Here are red flags to watch out for on Facebook, Airbnb and in your text and email inboxes.

Follow these 21 Twitter accounts to get smarter about wealth and success

Want to earn and save more money, launch a successful business or just learn new financial hacks? These Twitter handles will inspire you.

Here’s how many couples really fight about money

Want to stop arguing about money with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or partner? Here are 3 key ways to stop.

Tips that pay off: 5 August goals to make you richer by September

Feeling broke? Summer fun is expensive, but these secrets will leave you wealthier by autumn.

7 top companies with happy workers — that pay you to earn a degree

Tuition reimbursement is one of the most financially valuable perks you can get. Here are some companies with both happy employees and this coveted benefit.